SKIN Enhancement Program

The Nutrilogy SKIN Enhancement Program is perfect for anyone suffering from skin disorders or maintaining your skin’s health and youth.


The skin is the body’s largest organ and one of the most important. It functions as a protective barrier, a vital sensing organ, maintaining the body’s internal temperature and clearing the body of toxins and waste products. Hence, your skin needs to be well-nourished to perform its functions to its highest capability.

Skin disorders or unhealthy skin can occur through elements in our daily lives that we may not even realise are affecting us, such as bad habits, sun, stress, poor hygiene, dietary habits and environmental factors.

Some elements can include genetics or immune system problems, which can be controlled or treated.

The SKIN Enhancement program will focus on what you wish to achieve with your skin so we can provide you with a bespoke plan that will work; it will include dietary guidelines, supplement suggestions, treatments, what to avoid and so on.

The duration of the SKIN Enhancement Program is 12 weeks.

  • Initial Appointment
    – Assessment of your medical & health history
    Assessment of your current diet & lifestyle
    Reviewing your current health concerns
    – Reviewing your current symptoms & your future health goals
    – Providing you with a detailed nutrition & lifestyle plan based on your case review and body systems assessment

  • 1st Follow Up Appointment
    Nutrilogy will discuss your bespoke plan, detailing the hypothesis of your current health condition, the possible causes of your symptoms, a detailed diet plan, advise you of any recommended changes to your lifestyle, and supplements to complement your diet plan. We will also recommend any new functional tests, if required for investigation.
  • Follow Up Appointments
    This is the magical part of the plan, Nutrilogy will provide follow up appointments to keep in touch, and truly be your partner in your journey.  This is the time to ask any questions, set new weekly goals and receive bespoke advice to help you achieve the best results. Our main aim is to work with you to inspire, motivate and support you to achieve your health goals!

  • Weekly Education
    This is an important part of the program, where we educate you via Nutrilogy App on various wellbeing topics such as healthy eating, sleep management, stress management, exercise and mindfulness to keep you up-to-date with the latest evidence based information related to your program.

  • Nutrilogy App
    The Nutrilogy App allows our clients to create a photo-based food journal, take selfies & log workouts. The app allows your health care provider to track individual metrics and activity. You can view the comments that providers have left you. Our users can use the app to securely communicate with Nutrilogy directly and leave their questions to be answered at the weekly 1:1. You can even view and mark your goals as complete.

  • Meal Plans
    Nutrilogy send you weekly meal plans to save you the time and hassle. These meal plans include recipes and shopping lists for healthy and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks each and every day- bespoke to your program, health and lifestyle.

  • Bonus Perks
    – Natural, organic & gluten free skin care products included.
    – Discounted dietary supplements

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